July 20, 2006 by

I’ve got to weave off another 4 yards tommorow. I started weaving off on Sunday. Oh yeah, totally screwed. I think I can make it, actually. I hope so, at least.

I grabbed some pictures of the weaving, so I can get those up soon and drop some in the finished project post (just thinking about that makes me shiver).

Part of my problem is that I’m most definetly a night person- if I manage to sleep in a given night, it won’t be until very late, and I usually manage to get almost eight hours if I do goto sleep, which means that I’m usually in bed until noon or so. Problem here is that other members of my family like to go to bed a lot earlier than I do, and a loom makes a lot of noise, meaning that weaving after they are asleep is not an option for me.

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Journey has Moved!

July 16, 2006 by

You can now find the Journey blog over at! Go check it out!

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Beta Testing

July 13, 2006 by

Over the past week or so I’ve been participating in a beta metaverse, based on a music and clubbing scene and designed to appeal to teenagers. It’s sponsored by the PussyCat Dolls and was designed by Doppleganger software.

It’s an interesting game, there are several ‘club’ areas that you can go to, each with a unique style of music (pop, easy listening, rock, rap, a bit of techno) and design theme; for isntance, the ‘Easy Listening’ section is in a Japanese sushi bar, while the pop music is in a more tradiditional club with bar and dance floor.

Go check it out, you can download it for free over at, gimme a shout when you drop in.

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Fun builds

June 30, 2006 by

I pretty much spent all day today working on a build for my friend Paulix Hasp. You can view it over at my slpics account. (search for Aesop Thatch)

Not a bad build, lnking it for transfer is going to be a bitch, but eh.

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June 24, 2006 by

There’s a lot of stuff that I know I need to do if I’m going to turn my life around and get it moving in a direction that I want it to go in. The problem isn’t finding out or deciding what I need to do, it’s actually getting up and DOING it. I find myself easily, not distracted, but, hmm. Resigned? I feel like it won’t make a difference either way, even when it’s something that I really enjoy or I really¬† want to do.

For instance, I’m currently warping my largest project yet on my loom- 32″ with about 350 ends. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take a whole lot of concentration or really effort, all I need to do is to sit down and DO it. The problem is that I have a really hard time bringing myself to do this! And I have no bloody clue WHY, dammit!

It’s not just a personal thing, it happens at school and in my professional life as well. At school it probably shows up most dramatically- I barely pass my classes but get in the 95 percentile on my ACT tests. People ask me what my GPA is and then are shocked that someone so smart can be such a low achiever. Here’s the secret people, listen up or you’ll miss it: I don’t care. Or, more accurately, I can’t bring myself to care. It’s like I’m afraid of success…. Maybe that’s it, but if it is, what can I do about it? I’m a lot more afraid of failure, I think. I hate losing at anything.

Eh, this is why I don’t write at night, I get off on weird tangents and can’t come up with a title. Anywase, g’night, World.


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June 19, 2006 by

Warping a loom is fun, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Let me explain that a bit better- I know exactly how to wind a warp on a warping board, I know how to divide the warp to make it more manageable, I know how to chain it for kitty proofing, and I definetly know how to sley and thread the loom.

That just leaves two things that I’ve never needed to know, because I’ve never warped this much of my loom before. Namely, lease sticks and what to do with odd-numbered warps. Lets chuck in what to do with the cardboard roll as well.

Since the cardboard is the easiest to deal with, I’ll start with that; in fact, I know exactly what I need to do with it, on the other hand, it was unreccomended by my weaving mentor. Problem is, she never told me what I’m supposed to do instead. Screwed? Yeah.

Next problem is lease sticks. Simple answer, I know that I’m supposed to use them to help me manage the warp threads and keep the cross while warping. Problem; I A) have no idea where mine have gotten too and B) am not sure how the hell they are supposed to fulfill that function.

Well, there’s the bad news for the week. Good news is that I’m actually posting in this thing like I said I would, and I’ve gotten Cavee ( to join me in Second Life. She’s doing pretty well, I have no idea if she enjoys it or if she’s just indulging me, but eh.

Til next time,


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Once again unto the breach

June 14, 2006 by

I uninstalled UU again, this time because I had to install the copy of Myst V that I finally purchased. I wanted to get the collectors edition, but I've never seen a copy available, same with the limited DVD edition. Ah well, the game is the same. It only took me a couple of days to beat it- it's true that these really were the easiest puzzles. I had to ask for help on one part, but if I'd kept looking I would've seen it.

There are a few games that are up next on my purchase list: Half-Life 2, and it's new episode continuation, The Longest Journey, some others. Right now what I really need is a new monitor, this one is definetly on its last legs. But I want to spend my money on a whole new computer, not just a new monitor for this one.

Admittedly, my current computer isn't that bad, but it could be a lot better. As usual.

-Edit; I realized that I had two posts with this title. Woops. 

Wait, I lasted updated this WHEN!??

June 8, 2006 by

Um, apparently, the answer is too long ago! I was planning to keep this as a weekly thing- more for myself than for anyone elses benifet. I keep journals, that's true, but they get thrown across a few dozen notebooks and binders, so they are very hard to keep track of.

 I just set a MOO server up for Yumako on one of my servers, I hope she does good things with it. I've given up on creating one after Graven failed so badly- it was really a great idea, but eh. Hopefully I can get back to writing the book- I may even start publishing it on here. (David would appreciate that)

 The next real things on my to-do list are to finish an article for Hamlet ( and to finish the design for Monument on TSL. Well. It might happen, right? 

Uru Live Beta & Another Disappointment & Weekly Update

May 18, 2006 by

Signed up for the new Uru Live Beta a few days ago. Hope I get in, it’ll be nice to be working with everyone on something like this. I’ve been waiting for TSK over at to announce this, but it looks like he’s never going to get around to it. Maybe he’s been busy, haven’t seen him recently at all.

Also, a disappointment this morning- D posted the section leader results, didn’t make. Feels like crap, just like it did last year when I didn’t make drum major. Oh well.
He said it’d be alright if I was mad at him, but you know what? I’m not. Not at all. I mean, I half expected it, and honestly it will make my life easier next year. I really have enough problems with school without the added responsibility of being a section leader. But it still sucks.

A new forum for y’all to check out: Head on over to http://www, and check it out. They’re some friends of mine from a long time ago, only just recently discovered the forums, thought that the group had broken up permanantly, nice to know that it didn’t.

SecondLife News: Working on a new project. Not at lot of pics posted, but you can go over to, search for the username Aesop Thatch, and check out what’s been done.

Back into the Fray

April 14, 2006 by

I’m reinstalling Until Uru as I write this. I guess that I really couldn’t stay out for long, but honestly, I didn’t intend to stay out even this long! The reason I went on a sabbatical from the game was becuase I was reparing for a Diablo 2 & F.E.A.R. tournament at my school. Problem was, I didn’t reinstall it right after that.  My UU guide was, to say the least, a bit miffed that I missed him in the St Patricks Day Parade.

As I read back over this blog, I realize that I’ve never really even talked and UU…. Woops.